Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Sandbridge Skirt

I made a denim skirt, y'all. Like a real denim skirt. I've made a few denim items for my girls but nothing for me, so this is a big deal!

The Sandbridge Skirt is another amazing pattern from Hey June Handmade. I love Adrianna's patterns, they are perfection. 

I thought white topstitching would be a fun contrast with this light stretch denim that I found at Joann. Eventually, I may get brave enough to distress this skirt just a bit because I think it would look amazing.

I'm glad denim skirts are making their way back into my closet and being able to sew my own is even better because I can customize for the perfect fit. This one is not too long and not too short. It's can be dressed down with a cute tank and flip flops or dressed up with a nice tee, necklace and wedges.

I think my favorite thing about this Sandbridge is the raw edge, can't wait to see what it'll look like after a few washes.

You can find the Sandbridge Skirt pattern here, sizes 2-22, it's the perfect wardrobe staple for all shapes and sizes, go get it!


Monday, May 22, 2017

Madeit Patterns: The Sling Bag

Here is another pattern I tested recently. This is the Sling Bag from Madeit patterns. This one was fun because I made three different sizes, the Maxi, the Midi and the Mini. Here is a fun promo for the Sling Bag.

This bag is a cute cross-body style that comes in the three sizes mentioned above, 2 strap length options, and plenty of pocket options!

First off here is the Mini version...

Next is the Midi with the hidden strap pocket and the inner pocket.

 And finally, the Maxi, with the hidden strap pocket, key loop and lining pocket.

I found the fabric for all three at Hobby Lobby, I think they turned out pretty cute and my girls love them! You can find the pattern here.


Friday, May 19, 2017

The Austin Tee

This make is a recent favorite of mine! I love the fit, the color and the fabric! 

This is the new Austin Tee from Blank Slate Patterns that I tested a few weeks back. It released on Monday so I am little behind on this one, but better late than never.

This is a tie-dye rayon knit and it is so soft! The drape is perfect for a slouchy summer tee. It is lightweight and breathable too, so it's pretty perfect.

There are quite a few fun options, a banded round or hemmed split neckline, set in sleeves with short, elbow, 3/4, or long length options. Tie front option and an optional chest pocket.

You can find the pattern here. Happy sewing!


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mandrake Dress

So many patterns I helped test have released this week, it's hard to know what to post first! 

This is the newest girls pattern from Sew Like My Mom, the Mandrake Dress.

The Mandrake has an adorable a-line silhouette with four sleeve options and an optional kangaroo pocket.

I made one with a pocket because, well, pockets. We all love them around here. 

The fabric is a cotton lycra from Raspberry Creek Fabrics CLUB line from last fall. I have to sew through it before I can let myself use the new spring line. Must. Sew. Faster.

I think this dress is the perfect addition to Miss L's summer wardrobe and will carry over into fall as well. It would be adorable with a pair of boots! You can find the Mandrake Dress here.


Friday, May 12, 2017

The Willamette Shirt

When I first heard the name of this pattern I was immediately brought back to my childhood remembering the many hours I spent playing The Oregon Trail. Crossing the Willamette River was always the last challenge. Will my wagon be too heavy? Will my oxen drown? Oh dear, the stress! That game was fun, so many hilarious memories playing with my sisters. But I digress, I've gone on a tangent again.

May I introduce the latest pattern from Hey June, the Willamette Shirt. I've made two versions so far, but I'm only going to show you one today and I'll save the other for another day.

This is view B, with a fun hemline and the boxy style that is so in right now! I made this shirt, then walked into Target a few days later and boom, there were some similar styles hanging there. Adrianna is on it.

There is also a cropped style which I haven't been brave enough to attempt yet. We'll see though, hopefully I can pull it off.

I highly recommend any of Adrianna's patterns, including this one. Easy to understand instructions, a professional finish every time and such fantastic attention to details. For example, with french seams the inside of this shirt is just as pretty as the outside, not many ready-to-wear items are like that.

This is a "linen like" fabric from Joanns, it's sheer but breezy and perfect for summer. It makes the shirt a bit boxier than it would be if I used something with more of a drape, but I really like it!

Grab your copy of the pattern here!

Well, I'm off for some more sewing. Enjoy your weekend!


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Anza Dress

Hey y'all. I tested another amazing pattern from Itch to Stitch. This time a dolman style shirt dress that also has a jumpsuit option. I wasn't brave enough for the jumpsuit so I tackled the dress.

The fabric is a rayon plaid from Joanns. It is lovely but heed my warning, it's a pain to sew with. It grows and stretches and slips all over the place. So I stay stitched constantly, used five million pins. and tried not to say too many bad words.

The pattern itself is amazing, it's not a quick sew by any means but that ensures that the end result is fabulous. Kennis' instructions are clear and concise and full of lovely little details which come together to make a fabulous garment. Sizes offered are 00-22 and cup sizes A-DD so there is no more fussing with altering the bodice for the perfect fit.

The jumpsuit versions I've seen were pretty cute. I might have to try making one if I am brave enough. The pattern is on sale until Sunday and you can find it here. I highly recommend it, a perfect sew for spring!


Thursday, March 30, 2017

Hey June Trevi Dress

This post is long overdue. The Trevi Top and Dress from Hey June released last week! This is an awesome pattern (all of Adrianna's are) and it is perfect for Spring.

When I tested this dress we had a weird cold spell for about three days. I needed to get final pictures during those three days and I tried to stand outside, but even with the sun out it was way too frigid. We got all of Winter in a short blast one weekend at the end of February. It was cold but then it was gone and Spring is back in full force. What I was trying to say is the cold is why my photos are indoors.

Anywhoo, here is the Trevi. This is a pattern for wovens and you can make a top, or a dress. I'm a sucker for cute Spring dresses so that's what I made, y'all. 

I found this rayon challis at Joanns and it was perfect for this pattern. I am going to have to make some sort of slip for it because it's a little sheer. All of my childhood nightmares of being forced to wear a slip are coming back to haunt me.

I love the high cut neckline because I don't need any wardrobe malfunctions. The length is super cute, just short enough to be a little sassy. The buttons up the back are a pain to finish but the end result is so worth it! All seams are finished inside and the sleeves are finished with bias tape so this dress is as pretty inside-out as outside-in. If that makes sense?

If you're looking for a fun new pattern for your Spring wardrobe, look no further! You can purchase the Trevi Top and Dress here. Here is a fun roundup of all of the other testers of the Trevi Top and Dress.